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Invest in the Mental Health of Your Students

Short, engaging, and medically accurate videos to help your students manage the challenges of young adulthood.

Our Students Are Experiencing a Mental Health Crisis

Today's students must contend with more pressures than ever, and they often don't know who or where to turn for help.

Speaking with friends, parents, and teachers can feel intimidating, while social media and the internet are full of inaccurate and misleading information.

The Green Ribbon Library works hand-in-hand with school districts and higher-education organizations to provide trustworthy resources for students. Our platform is secure, anonymous, and accessible from any device, and our videos offer quick, easy-to-digest insights, tailored to exactly how the student feels.

We are always working on adding additional videos. If you have any suggestions for new topics, please contact us.

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Offering On-Demand Mental Health Resources

We're always expanding our video library to ensure we can help your students with the most pressing issues they face.

Our videos are created specifically for students, and address many of the unique challenges they're facing today.

The library can be customized with your school’s logo, colors, and even a unique, secure domain.

Our content is written and reviewed by licensed pediatricians, child psychologists, and therapists.

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Secure & Anonymous

Privacy is paramount. We will never track or report on which videos specific students watch on our platform.

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Available Anywhere, Anytime

The Green Ribbon Library is accessible 24/7/365 on all screens/internet-connected devices.

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Concepts Explained Quickly

Students are busier than ever, so our videos are quick—getting them all the essential information in an easy-to-digest format.

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Designed to Be Affordable

The platform is available via an annual, all-you-can-use licensing fee. Depending on your enrollment, this would likely only be a few dollars per student per year, or less!

Run By Real People On a Mission

Our goal is to help solve the student mental-health crisis. If you think we can help your students, please contact us below.

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